Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why does "Sansala" hate "Dhanuka" soo much....???? "BONDA MEEDUM"

I think you may love the tele drama which telecasting on ITN every weekdays at 8.30pm. You already know it is a novel of famous writer Sujeeva Prasannaarachchi. It is on of popular love story among sri lankans. The main characters of this drama "Sansala"(Udari Warnakulasooriya) and "Dhanuka"(Saranga Disasekara) 

When you are watching this drama you can see the stranger boy "Dhanuka" living in "Sansala"'s home. but unfortunately she hates Dhanuka a lot..that is a big question mark. Many viewers may already have read that novel series. But newest viewers are still trying to imagine what are the reasons for that matter.But still she is in same condition..But Dhanuka loves her soo much and suffering her actions without any words against her.

"Bonda Meedum" is an attractive novel but tele drama is not yet achieved that quality. I think it will be normalized as soon as possible..Viewers are still guessing "why she is so?"..keep a comment if you can guess..as well as guess what will happen..


  1. Read the book, U'll find it, Maxxa story.

  2. mokada dannawada oya taram hate karanne meke producers lata salli hoya ganna..