Friday, March 18, 2011

Local Government Poll 2011:News

This morning is now going to be hot with releasing LG poll results. Now government(UPFA) has achieved strong position. About 60% votes for government party and they have won more than 15 institutes yet.
The main opposition party UNP has won 3 institutes and they could increase their votes percentage than last LG poll 2006/2007.Bu
t JVP(people's liberation front) has been fallen with the results those issued so far. According to the news Tissamaharama Pradeshiya sabhawa the only place they had, this time not enough power to win. The other hand most of opposition parties' votes has reduced according to the results.
Majority people has selected their choice forthe next term of LGs. In this time although the popul
arity of the government is decreasing a little bit due to the cost of living and the internal political problems still there is no any alternative solution as ruling party for free sri lanka


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