Friday, March 18, 2011

UPFA won the LG Poll with highest contribution:UNP lost their own places

From the final results of Local government election which was held on yesterday present government won with highest contribution.UPFA has won 205 local authorities from 234. The percentage is about 80%.
Main opposition party UNP has lost their places and historical fortress of UNP like Katharagama. They have won 9 Local authorities, but UNP missed their second place due to the ITAK. They won 12 institutes.
JVP lost Thissamaharama the only place they had and their votes decreased from massive percentage.NFF(National Freedom Front) has won 2,Muslim congress won 4 , Upcountry People's Front 1 and Independent party 1.etc
When considering about this poll we can see UPFA could increase their votes percentage and captured new LAs from UNP


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